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Sunnyville Sticker A sticker created using the graphic elements from the package design for Oat of This World Cookies. Character Design ErimenthaCharacter Erimentha, designed with southern african influences created using ProCreate. Character Design | Spidersona Character design of my own personal "Spidersona" of how I imagine I would appear as SpiderGirl.
Spidersona Sketches
Duo Protein Duo the Duck Protein Powder. This fun gag gift was created using Adobe Indesign and Adobe Illustrator Character Design Batto Character Batto, created using ProCreate. RCS Ideation A simple graphic created using Adobe Illustrator meant for flyer usage for Resource Computer Solutions. Character Design Carlos Character Carlos with Olga, created using ProCreate. OK Steven Mashup A mashup from the universes of OK K.O. and Steven Universe done in ProCreate. Mystery Gang A mashup from the universes of Welcome to the Wayne and Gravity Falls done in ProCreate. Sleeping Forest An illustration of a forest filled with resting pokemon done in ProCreate. Shiny Lars A mashup from the universes of Pokemon and Steven Universe featuring Lars and shiny/pink pokemon created in ProCreate. Sunglasses Squad An illustration inspired by my favorite set of sunglasses wearing fighters from Steven Universe and Gurren Lagann! Blue Squad An illustration done in ProCreate inspired by the characters from Steven Universe. Team Possible An illustration done in Adobe Illustrator featuring the characters from Lilo and Stitch in the Kim Possible team's attire. Zim Character Sketch Sketch illustrations of the Invader Zim characters. So Cool A mashup from the universes of OK K.O. and Steven Universe done in ProCreate. Skull Squad Characters from Pokemon Alola done in ProCreate. Loving Hilda Character Hilda from Netflix's Hilda is seen riding the Great Raven with the Midnight Giant passing by in the distance. This piece was drawn using the Procreat iPadPro app. Chicken Blobs Creatures seen from Steven Universe illustrated using ProCreate. Burrito Doom Characters from Invader Zim illustrated using ProCreate.
Invader Zim Sketches
Drifting Along Characters from Steven Universe illustrated using ProCreate. Disney and Steven Universe Mashup Sapphire from Steven Universe illustrated as Elsa from Disney's Frozen using ProCreate. Benedon Family Graphic Series of illustrated graphics for a sponsorship logo that is featured on Southern California Mountains Foundation flyer. Created using Adobe Illustrator. Benedon Logo Option 3 Benedon Logo Option 1 Benedon Logo Option 2 Benedon Logo Option 4 Quants Bakery Jem the Panda Here is a series of different illustrative poses of Quants Bakery Jem the red panda made for both digital and print purposes. Jem on the Computer Jem with Calendar Jem Headstand Jem in Leaves Jem as Penguin Jem Breakfast Jem Walking Jem Waving Jem Pug Jem doing Science Jem Thinking Jem in Box Jem Being Cute Pink and Proud Here is Pink Diamond from Steven Universe and Mew from Pokemon both having fun together. This was drawn using Procreate on the iPadPro. How to Catch a Monster Using Procreate on the iPadPro here is a pair of small monsters taking on a large task of luring and catching a fairly big monster! Nostalgic Digimon Using Procreate App on the iPhone 8, here is a group of some of my favorite digimon from my childhood! Nostalgic Digimon Using Adobe CC Illustrator I created a batch of sticker designs for iQ to use as swag material at tradeshows.
iQ Stickers